Retractable Awnings

The perfect solution to shade your terrace, patio or windows.

In Vancouver and considering options for shade and sunlight deflection? Retractable awnings can provide a very flexible solution for creating anything from a shaded terrace or patio, to shade over directly exposed windows. Please select a style below to learn more:

Retractable awnings vancouver
Ideal for larger areas

Excellent awning stability with the Royal Marcesa™

Royal Marcesa AwningThese retractable awnings utilize a centre beam stabilizer bar which runs the length of the awning giving it a “Hip Roof” shape when extended. This carefully researched design makes the Marcesa™ model stronger and more stable in the wind, in addition to offering more head space in the balk half for more enjoyable leisure space. The fabric is also tighter, preventing sagging while offering more effective protection from direct, low-angle sunlight.

The Royal is one of the most innovative products in the awning industry today. Manufactured with Canadian ingenuity and German engineering the Royal is the first system that has been specifically designed for the North American market, and not simply adapted. The Royal system comes with Pitch Adjustable housings which allows you to adjust the awning to follow the sun. With this feature, you are able to lower the front of the awning to achieve maximum coverage with a simple turn of a crank.

Key Features include:
  • Pitch adjustable arms
  • Top-quality design and materials
  • Increased stability for high-winds
  • Can be installed at 8’ or higher
  • Low profile hardware setup

4 reasons why homeowners prefer the Royal Marcesa:

Centre Beam Creates More Headroom

The unique centre beam prevents sag, making it more attractive with more headroom.

Superior Stability in the Wind

The stability is far superior to other retractable awning products and high-wind certified.

Excellent Protection and Control

Easily adjust the pitch for added protection from rain and sun when needed.

Made in Canada, Built to Last

10 year warranty. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Ideal for smaller areas

Maximize awning projection in small spaces with the Imperial Cross Over

Imperial Crossover AwningThe Imperial is an award-winning retractable awning that offers excellent solar protection. It's enginereed for durability with unsurpassed quality and boasts time-tested good looks. These awnings utilize an all-aluminum frame and are finished with durable powder coating in either black, white or driftwood (option). The result is a light-weight but strong, corrosion-free product.

Further innovation has produced the Imperial Cross Over retractable awning. This awning is specifically designed to give areas with a limited width, maximum projection. The cross-over design includes additional brackets that help to stabilize the awning on extension and is unique from other awning systems on the market.

Key Features include:
  • Narrow, long projection: Ideal for spaces without much width; This is the only awning available that can project longer than its width;
  • Time-tested, European design;
  • Ability to protect from the elements;
Ideal for individual windows

Gain full control of your window awnings with the Baron

Baron AwningThe Baron retractable window awning can span areas as narrow as 5 feet up to a maximum width of 20 feet. The extruded aluminum, satin anodized cassette is ideal for exposed applications and provides maximum fabric protection when the awning is retracted. Standard projections range from 28” (70cm) to 60” (150cm).

Baron retractable window awnings extend a full 160º degrees for ultimate control of your shade and privacy. When not in use, the awnings neatly roll up into a self-contained housing.


Key features include:
  • A protective 6 7/8" cassette box
  • Satin anodized aluminum frame (corrosion-resistant)
  • White powder coated hardware
  • 160˚ range of coverage
  • Gear standard operation
  • Optional motor operation

Available Options for Retractable Awnings Vancouver

Actuation of the awnings can be either manually or by electric motor, operated either by a switch or remote control, or even by automated sensors which means they automatically adjust according to the amount of sunlight, and these are easily pre-programmed during installation.

  • awning sun sensor vancouver
    Sun Sensors
    The Sun sensor provides automatic protection without lifting a finger. Solar powdered, no wiring or batteries required. Let your awning work for you to reduce heating and air conditioning costs automatically.
  • awning wind sensor vancouver
    Wind Sensors
    Mounted to the front bar of an awning, the Eolis 3D wirefree RTS wind sensor will automatically retract the awning when wind generated movement exceeds the preset threshold. This Somfy patented technology is battery operated.
  • awning valence options vanocuver
    Valence Options
    There are four valence options to choose from when customizing your awning: Scalloped, Square, Shallow, and Straight trim or pocket.
  • Hood Covers
    Protect and prolong the life of your awning. We strongly recommend purchasing a hood cover to protect your awning and prolong its life. The hood cover is designed to protect the fabric and mechanics of the awning when fully retracted.
  • awning motorization vancouver
    Extend and retract your awning with the push of a button. A motor is required if you wish to add a wind sensor, which will protect your awning from high-winds.
  • awning remote controls vancouver
    Remote or Wall Mounted Controls
    Single or multi-channel remotes are available. Each channel is able to control an individual motor or multiple motors, providing ultimate flexibility for your personal preference. Wall mounted control switches are also available.
  • LED Light Strips
    Waterproof LED light strips offer over 30,000 hours of bright light in warm or cool tones. Great for entertaining or security. The LED strips consist of four adhesive-backed pieces and can be controlled via remote.
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10 year warranty

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  • Specially engineered using quality materials and finish to provide long life and durability
  • Designed for comfort, style and sun protection
  • Manufactured from extruded aluminum with powder coating or anodized finish
  • Corrosion-free and maintenance-free systems
  • Available in a variety of fabric styles and colors
  • In-house graphics can be applied for business/restaurant use etc
  • 10 Year Warranty

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Custom made awnings to suit your Vancouver home

With retractable awnings, no two applications are identical, so consequently all our retractable awnings are custom made to suit your specific requirements and tailored to meet the needs of modern home and business owners.

Constructed from durable, attractive and maintenance free materials, our retractable awnings are finished in a powder coated or anodised finish and designed to last.